On the first Friday of every month, one of our upperclassmen presents a case study, educational brief, or evidence based practice findings on self-selected clinical topics. Friday Presentations take place at York Hospital at 7 AM in the Educational Pavilion.

Current Presentation Schedule


04/01/16: Stephen Okoth: Mitochondrial disease and its Anesthetic Considerations

06/12/15: Amanda Derby: Pediatric Airway Compromise: Obesity and OSA

05/08/15: Sasikala Bimini Krishnamurthy: Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction

04/10/15: Lauren Tennis: Reducing Hypotension and Bradycardia After Subarachnoid Block in the Obstetric Population: Is Zofran the Answer?

02/06/15: Alyssa Bruno: DNR in the OR: Ethics for Anesthetists

01/30/15: Julie Linton: Anesthetic Considerations for One Lung Ventilation

12/05/14: Valentyna Groelle: Alveolar Recruitment During General Endotracheal Anesthesia

10/17/14: Dan Rohrer: Anesthesia for the Obstetric Patient Undergoing Non-Obstetric Surgery


9/5/14: Verna Thomas: Myometrial Injection of Vasopressin

7/11/14: Susan Medina: Venous Air Embolism

6/6/14: Jessica Hammond: Brain Death and Organ Donation

5/2/14: Leah Baumgardner: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

1/10/14: Colleen Amundson: The Effect of Anesthetics on the Developing Brain