New for 2019 we will be having Student Case Presentation on Saturday March 22nd, June 15th and September 14th, 2019.  There will be four upperclassmen presenting case studies, educational brief, or evidence based practice findings on self-selected clinical topics. Saturday Presentations will take place at York Hospital at 7 AM in the Medical Educational Pavilion.  Please check schedule.

Saturday Case Presentation Schedule 2019 Student Case Presentation


2018 Friday Student presentation will be available soon.  Keep an eye out for updates.

04/01/16: Stephen Okoth: Mitochondrial disease and its Anesthetic Considerations

06/12/15: Amanda Derby: Pediatric Airway Compromise: Obesity and OSA

05/08/15: Sasikala Bimini Krishnamurthy: Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction

04/10/15: Lauren Tennis: Reducing Hypotension and Bradycardia After Subarachnoid Block in the Obstetric Population: Is Zofran the Answer?

02/06/15: Alyssa Bruno: DNR in the OR: Ethics for Anesthetists

01/30/15: Julie Linton: Anesthetic Considerations for One Lung Ventilation

12/05/14: Valentyna Groelle: Alveolar Recruitment During General Endotracheal Anesthesia

10/17/14: Dan Rohrer: Anesthesia for the Obstetric Patient Undergoing Non-Obstetric Surgery


9/5/14: Verna Thomas: Myometrial Injection of Vasopressin

7/11/14: Susan Medina: Venous Air Embolism

6/6/14: Jessica Hammond: Brain Death and Organ Donation

5/2/14: Leah Baumgardner: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

1/10/14: Colleen Amundson: The Effect of Anesthetics on the Developing Brain